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COFFEE PLEASE: Thank You for Voting

Friday night I received the best possible news: the Sentry referendum passed.

After a week of intense campaigning and the lurking anxiety of ‘what if this vote doesn’t pass?’ having the vote pass validated all our hard work.

We weren’t sure where we stood for most of the week— there was no record of real time results — and that was stressful for us on staff. Thankfully, we had support from our fellow peers in SGA, Metro State, and CU Denver classmates who took the time to vote.

Newspapers on college campuses are valuable.

Every single vote counted in this election, and because students took the time to be politically active, we are able to continue as a newspaper for next year and for several more years to come.

I am beyond grateful to know that I will have a place to work to become a better reporter, writer, and editor for next year. All of the sleepless nights this semester where we have stayed up late worrying about the newspaper did not go unnoticed.

Everyone on staff works hard for the student body so the students at CU Denver can be a more informed group of people. Newspapers on college campuses are valuable and even more importantly, newspapers bring unity to the student body. Our job is to make sure students feel connected to campus by covering university news stories, student art shows, and relevant performances. All of those things can be found in the Sentry.

We don’t just cover controversial topics; we cover the news. We let students know how to be safe on campus in the event of an emergency, when there are changes in administration, and when there is a rise in tuition: And that’s just in the news section. We break down these complex issues and tell them in a way that is accurate and most beneficial to students.

Every issue of the Sentry is designed for students and by students. With this passing vote, we will continue to be just as dedicated to the student body as before and work hard to be the best campus newspaper.

Thank you again to everyone who voted; it means the world to all members of the Sentry.

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