Lost Time by Tacocat (Hardly Art)

Packed with a mix of angst and pop vocals, Tacocat, a female-fronted band from Seattle, released their third album, Lost Time, on April 1. The album is filled to the brim with West Coast surf grunge-inspired jams that are moody and strong in sound. As a whole album though, it lacks variation, which detracts from the compilation of tracks.

“The Internet” is a magnificent example of the band’s unique sound. It is dripping with guitar riffs as soon as the song opens, followed by lead singer Emily Nokes’ sleek and gritty voice singing vocals such as, “No consequences to fear,” and “What place do you have?” The lyrics paint a picture of rhetorical questions about the internet, which shows the depth of their lyrics.

“Plan A, Plan B” shows the high-speed aesthetic that the band possesses. It is, again, rich with guitar riffs and drum solos, and is oozing with the band’s “screw you” attitude. The words, “Come to your house, throw me on your couch” are sung in the chorus, reflecting the band’s liberal views on women having casual sex. The female vocals add a twist on the social constructs as the band breaks down barriers of what is acceptable of girls’ sexuality.

While the album is revealing, the listener can lose sight of the lyrical messages and become desensitized as every song sounds the same. The band, however, is progressive lyrically, which is proved by not solely staying at the surface of music. Tacocat is full of depth, and this album showcases that.

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