Welcome the Worms by Bleached (Dead Oceans)

There’s not much more punk-rock than two neon-haired, LA-based sisters singing Damned covers in Black Flag T-shirts and scuffed boots. With their sophomore album, Welcome The Worms, released April 1, Bleached continues this outrageously rock’n’roll trend, only this time they showcase more tightened production and polished pop sounds compared to their freshman endeavor.

Jennifer and Jessie Clavin are two bleach-blonde girls who have an ear for punk music and an ability to make their guitars scream and groan with an almost sloppy heaviness.

Their 2014 album, Ride Your Heart, had all of the simplicity of a band thrown together by sisters who were influenced by Minor Threat and just wanted play music that allowed for beer and intimate crowds.

Where Welcome The Worms differs is in its production value and more playful execution. The opening track, for instance, “Keep On Keepin’ On” features dance-worthy drum claps and simple, repetitive melodies.

But while Welcome The Worms certainly has tight production and pop vibes working for it, the album still maintains an undeniable punk graininess. Those almost sloppy, heavy guitars are as prevalent as ever, and the girls’ lyrics seem birthed right from the sadder side of the punk genre.

Simple, yet poignant, Jennifer sings words like, “Ditching friends just to go to your shows/and watch you sing about another girl./Oh, I might start dying,’’ in “Wasted On You.”

Thus, if punk is your thing, try Welcome The Worms. Fueled by recent break ups, binders, and evictions, the album is an emotional wreck in the best way.

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