99 Cents by Santigold (Atlantic Records)

“Got so much flavor, put me on the buffet,” are some of Santigold’s lyrics from her third LP 99 Cents. Released on Feb. 26, the album features heavy experimentation that will leave listeners in an array of diverse genres such as electro, reggae, and indie rock.

Of Santigold’s three albums, 99 Cents seems to be the loudest attention-grabber, starting with the first track “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself,” which Santigold notes is based on egotism and American self-obsession.

The theme then moves into reggae-inspired vocals, a signature sound Santigold is known for incorporating into her music. This is expressed in the song “Big Boss Big Time Big Business,” which is packed with heavy bass lines and demanding lyrics like, “make me a mark and I’ll take you one by one.”

The song to catch listeners would definitely be “Rendezvous Girl.” It’s not a “L.E.S. Artistes” from Santigold nor “Disparate Youth” from Master of My Make- Believe. These two songs embody a more emotionally connected aura through solid pairing of instrumentals and lyricism. In “Rendezvous Girl” the music is repetitive, minimizing the lyrical strength.

While an assortment of sound has its benefits, it works on a case-by-case basis. In the case of 99 Cents, the attempt is overt. Rather than perfecting a smooth album, while having coinciding themes throughout the whole piece, 99 Cents seems to be headed in all directions while never finding its niche. For now, the playful poppy melodies will suffice as Santigold’s new album.

—Korina Rojo

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