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Monthly Archives: March 2016

National Poet Slams at CU Denver

STUDENTS ATTEND READING AND DISCUSSION The Emmanuel Gallery is a hideaway for good art to be seen, heard, and felt. Both Auraria artists and those artists who visit briefly add to the gallery with visual installations or with performances. Blythe Baird is a 19-year-old National

Food Gets Fun at the Inventing Room

LIQUID NITROGEN REINVENTS DESSERT At the Inventing Room, food is meant to be played with. The Willy Wonka-inspired dessert shop aims to be Denver’s most whimsical dining experience. The Inventing Room’s LoDo storefront opened on Oct. 31 of last year and immediately began running through

FREE VERSE: Spring Break Forever, Baby

Welcome back from Spring Break all you party animals. I hope your week was spent with your laptops closed and something like The Shangri-Las coming through the speakers of whatever beachside bar you found yourself. For me, the music was girl group Habibi and the

Native American Women Showcase Art

ARTISTIC EXPRESSION CAN VARY BY TRIBE Native Women’s Voices, an event held at Saint Cajetan’s on March 17, showed that within each tribe is an entirely different cultural experience that reflects the ideas of the people in it. The evening was a celebration of the

Phillip Mann

MANN BALANCES TEACHING AND ART The Auraria sculpture and 3D design department couldn’t operate without its lab tech and part-time professor Phillip Mann. Mann can almost always be found in his office in the Auraria sculpture studio, drifting about like an omniscient sculpture guru. Mann


I’ve always been a person to exceed expectations. Whenever I’m assigned a role, I try to fulfill it and go beyond, without making a huge fuss or production. As a student, daughter, and teammate, I’ve always been more about embracing rules and convention, rather than

Traveling Abroad: Yes or No?

Few things are as life-changing, terrifying, or teaching than living on the fringes of your comfort zone thousands of miles from your home. Traveling serves many purposes that enrich individuals’ lives, particularly study abroad programs.During college, there is a unique opportunity to travel in a

Post Pop Depression by Iggy Pop (Lorna Vista)

After his 16 solo albums, alongside five albums as frontman for punk-spawning The Stooges, one has to wonder what Iggy Pop has left to say. With March 18’s Post Pop Depression, the answer, unfortunately, seems to be “not much,” though he still manages to say

Music with Dark, Youthful Curiosity

COCOROSIE BRINGS UNIQUE STYLE TO GOTHIC It was not a surprise to see a mass of neon-haired, glitter-clad beings, or dreadlocked creatures with flowers in their hair dispersed among the typical Denver show-goer at The Gothic Theatre to see CocoRosie on March 25. Haunted seems

Mind of Mine by ZAYN (RCA)

Almost exactly one year after his departure from One Direction, former member of the group, ZAYN, has released his latest on March 27 titled Mind Of Mine, a solo album of pure fuckboy manifestation. With Mind Of Mine’s tendency toward heavy pop beats, sappy-yet-vulgar sexualized