The Waiting Room by Tindersticks (City Slang)

CU Sentry Reviews The Waiting Room by Tindersticks from City Slang

Tindersticks, an indie rock group hailing from the UK, is no newcomer to the music realm. The group released its 11th studio album titled The Waiting Room on Jan. 22. The album takes the listener on an emotional journey through each track, but the set shouldn’t exactly be described as pleasant.

The album almost evokes the connotations of a bad acid trip. The extremely mellow vibe of most songs seems like one is falling down the rabbit hole at a sluggish pace. In particularly, the song “Like Only Lovers Can” carries on so slowly that by the end of the four-and-a-half minute track, it feels like an eternity has passed.

The track “Hey Lucinda” isn’t a savory choice, either. The lyrics are poetic and dark, stating, “And these dirty little cigarettes we smoke/And the liquor/It just throws a cloak over the feelings that we should show.” However, the dark tone of the song doesn’t necessarily reciprocate the emotional intensity of the words being sung.

The track “Were We Once Lovers?” is a breath of fresh air, as it sounds dissimilar to the rest of the album. The composition of a strong bass guitar and piano overlaid with the lyrics “How can I care,/ If it’s the caring that’s killing me?” makes for a 1970s-esque track that’s exuberant but calming.

Sonically, the album is incredibly repetitive, as everything starts to sound the same with a flatlining beat. However, the writing behind each track is nothing short of poetic gold. The album seems creative, but not necessarily the band’s greatest musical endeavor.

—Ashley Bauler

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