Lisa Douglas to Retire Next Month

Vice Chancellor Lisa Douglas is retiring March 1 after five years with CU Denver.


Vice Chancellor of CU South Denver Lisa Douglas is entering into the final month of her time at the university.

Douglas is set to retire from CU Denver on March 1. During her five years with CU Denver, Lisa Douglas has overseen a number of projects, to provide the students of the school with tools to succeed, including financial transparency of tuition and construction of buildings, including the Wellness Center.

Douglas reflected on projects she has worked on. “I worked with the budget office and with students to work on the Wellness Project, which was really beneficial because it allowed me to see the positive influence the Wellness Center will have on our student body,” Douglas said.

In addition to the Wellness Center, she was a part of the construction of the Student Commons Building. “The building was really a great expansion for CU Denver,” Douglas said. “It’s a great asset to students to have an additional place.”

Douglas has strived to keep the financial prospects to a minimum and to be more transparent. “I want students to see and understand their tuition and fees so that they feel included in the process, and don’t feel like they’re being left to pay tuition that seems frivolous,” Douglas said.

Douglas has had time to reflect on her time at CU Denver. “The thing I’m most proud of is being active,” Douglas said. “Most people think the folks in administration don’t reach out or do things with the students. My main goal and drive was to help students in the best way that I can.”

Douglas continues, to talk about what she’ll miss the most. “I will definitely miss the community the most,” Douglas said. “We have a very active student body and everyone has something new to bring to the table. It’s amazing to see so many people participate and be active at a university like ours.”

As for post-retirement plans, “I don’t have any quite yet,” Douglas said. “My husband is retiring as well, so I’m looking forward to spending time with him and enjoying some down time. I still want to be a part of the community of CU Denver, including Colorado Springs and Boulder, but not be active on a daily basis.”

CU Denver Chancellor Dorothy Horrell spoke about Douglas’s retirement. “She was integral to getting CU South Denver off the ground and positioning it for longterm impact and success,” Horrell said. “Her understanding of the complexities of the university’s budget and finances, her knowledge of state government rules and requirements, and her attention to detail in analyzing and making recommendations on any number of issues have been a great asset. Lisa will be greatly missed and we wish her all the best in her retirement.”

Lisa Douglas has proved to be an important piece to the puzzle that is CU Denver. She worked on several projects that will still stand even when she has retired, which shows her longlasting impact. Her work will be remembered, even in her post-retirement.

—Ashley Bauler

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