FROM THE EDITOR: Commitment Counts

Some things are not worth committing to, like bangs. Some things are better left as an isolated fling—a brief rendezvous to be reflected upon with rosy retrospection. This newspaper is not one of those things.

Every week for years, students have piled into this office every Tuesday for the infamous production night, during which stress sticks to the wall like lead paint. On each wall are expressions of disgruntled students, with one famous hand-written paper that reads: “Tuesday nights are bullshit” in black and blue markers.

Each editorial staff has learned to cope with these nights a little differently: some with periodic power naps, others with copious amounts of nicotine or caffeine, and some printing off goofy pictures from staff photographers or the web. But there’s something beautiful in this palpable anxiety that seems to fill the air on Tuesday nights. It’s called tradition.

The makeup of each editorial staff will change greatly each year—they have different opinions, and new visions for the newspaper about how to make it even better than it was before. Every year it is an absolute privilege to be a part of, because of the unique opportunity presented by this particular experience.

So when campus is closed on a Tuesday, what does this newspaper staff do? This is only the third issue of the CU Denver Sentry, and we were not about to let a little dangerous inclement weather stop us from putting out the best issue we can.

The faithful editorial staff, joined by the lovely Office Coordinator Isra Yousif, would not accept a cancelled issue. We are pleased to say that this Tuesday was remarkably stress-less, with red wine to satiate instead of cup-o-noodles. We stayed home and waited out the weather.

But this Wednesday, Feb. 3, we had our production. It was only a semblance of a typical Tuesday night, and staff was coming in and out like it was an open house, but we all showed up. We made our priorities and saw that the Sentry is at the top, because this newspaper is so remarkable.

The Sentry’s an opportunity unlike any other at this school—the chance to be a published writer, reach out to the community, and make new friends with people all across the campus. Thank you, everyone, for your commitment to this worthy cause.

—Madi Bates

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