Setting Goals for a Successful Semester

Since it is the beginning of the semester, many members of the Student Government Senate Council are setting goals to maintain sanity during this spring semester. The theme for this week’s meeting was all about setting goals. Guest speaker Sam Kim interim assistant director of Student Affairs, came to talk with SGA to remind them to take care of themselves as well as set three expectations, both personal and academic goals, for this semester. Those expectations cannot be achieved if, as a student, you are not taking care of yourself.

SGA President David Heisler also spoke about setting SMART goals for the semester. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results, and Time-bound. Each time a person sets a goal they should have an end result in mind or else the goal can lose meaning. As students and student leaders, setting attainable goals is key to being a successful student.

On the business side of SGA, Student Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board was pleased with how the new smoking policy has gone during the first week of classes. Smokers are, for the most part, taking well to the new designated smoking zones. They are still encouraging students to smoke in the designated smoking areas.

For this year’s upcoming election there will be new features to online voting. The online voting website is going under construction to make online voting more effective for students. These changes will include being able to check a student’s voting status via student I.D. number and being SGA being able to see the voting website before it goes live to ensure that there are no unforeseen errors. These are all preventative measures from errors that occurred last year. Students will also see a confirmation page after voting to let voters know their vote was counted. Until next week, SGA

—Morgan Mackey

SGA Officers

President: David Heisler


Vice President: Omer Sarwana


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