FROM THE EDITOR: Cat in the Box

My cat Trudy was thrilled on Monday when the dining room floor of my apartment began to accumulate cardboard boxes. I can’t explain it, but the cat goes crazy for cardboard.

Mostly, she just likes being in boxes that she fits neatly inside of, or tipped over boxes that form caverns for her exploration. For me, these boxes are dreadful because they don’t hold half the fun they do for Trudy.

Through my eyes, they are a symbol of what I would call one of greatest inconveniences to the modern renter of Denver. I’ve been jumping apartments every year for the last four years and it’s just ridiculous. Every year I want to find a new place to live because the one I’ve been staying in has been such a disappointment, and others at CU Denver can relate.

Either you’ve a.) selected an apartment where you pay the lowest rent you managed to find without sacrificing air conditioning, or b.) decided to pay a little extra for that premium amenity you’re interested in. Either way it was probably a mistake.

They say there are usually three factors that will make or break it: location, cost, and space. Pick two. Typically it’s a compromise because property management companies manage to do little but collect money.

I’m optimistic regardless, as this promises to be a nice apartment despite facing north and being ground-level. Still, moving is the most insufferable activity— it’s always stressful, emotional, expensive, and exhausting.

But at the end of the day, you will be fine if you’ve prepared yourself. You have to pack all your boxes ahead of your scheduled day, fill out all the paperwork, and find at least one friend you can count on to help you, even if you had to bribe them with pizza or hire professionals.

As a lowly undergrad, I am glad I can count on using spare boxes from the liquor store and borrowed pickup trucks from loving and conveniently located family members. In one week, the chaos of a major living transition will die.

In one week, my major focus will be on making each week’s Sentry even better than its predecessor, while hoping that this becomes an increasing difficult task. It’s an exciting time when things begin to change, and I’m excited focus on the fruits of it.

—Madi Bates

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