Anyone who has walked through Auraria Campus lately has probably noticed a new trend: clouds of vapor surrounding someone smoking a new type of cigarette. Chances are, they’ve probably involuntarily inhaled a breath or two themselves. Vaping, which consists of inhaling vaporized flavors of tobacco through electronic cigarettes, has become a nuisance. Although vaping can be just as addictive as smoking cigarettes, studies have shown that it’s a less harmful alternative. One study by Public Health England (PHE) released in 2015 states that e-cigs are around 95 percent healthier than normal cigarettes.

Although e-cigs are a helpful invention toward cutting back on detrimental smoking habits, they still pose a problem for anyone near them.

Secondhand vapor has plagued public spaces within the past few years. Nonsmokers should not have to give away their fresh air to others’ pollution, whether it be smoke or vapor. Smokers tend to understand that the general public doesn’t appreciate facefulls of harmful chemicals, and are therefore more courteous when it comes to their smoking locations; it’s customary to smoke polite distances away from building entrances, crowded areas, and elevators.

Too often, vapers seem to think that just because their chemicals aren’t as harmful and have less potent aromas than smokers’, it is acceptable to vape anywhere and anytime that pleases them. It is common to experience unwanted wafts of vapor from inconsiderate vapers even in places such as the elevator, the bus, inside food establishments, and even in classrooms.

There’s an air of entitlement for many vapers, who choose to vape wherever they please. In turn, this choice is harmful and disgusting. Vapers should not be allowed to vape in nonsmoking zones. There is a high level of inconsiderate vapers on campus, to the point that teachers need to include nonvaping rules in their syllabi.

Although vaping is a healthier choice than smoking, that doesn’t mean that everybody wants it in their system. It’s a personal choice and every one should be able to make it for themselves, instead of being forced to breathe secondhand vapor because some random person on the bus thinks it’s okay to vape within five feet of 20 people. Vapers should be more considerate and think about the people around them before deciding to fill the air with chemicals.

Vapers might believe that the general population doesn’t mind their vapor because it is less harmful than cigarette smoke, but in this case, size matters. Both the amount of secondhand vapor consumed by the general public and the frequency is getting to be larger and more frequent than any contact with smoke. The vapor rings and tricks are best seen from afar—preferably through a Vine loop—rather than on the sidewalk on the way to class. Continue to vape. It is a significantly healthier option than cigarettes and removes quite a few of the nastier side effects of smoking. But please be considerate to those who don’t vape, and step into a less crowded room than the tiny, cramped elevator that is necessary to reach the 17th floor.

—Hunter Call

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