King Push: Darkest Before Dawn by Pusha T (GOOD Music)

Pusha T, a rapper who has been somewhat of a recluse for the last few years, has finally graced us all with his latest work of lyrical genius: his newest album titled King Push: Darkest Before Dawn. Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Pusha T stays true to his East Coast rap roots in the album, with collaborations with other East Coast rappers including A$AP Rocky and Beanie Sigel.

The lyricism of the album is nothing short of incendiary. The poetic structure of Pusha T’s bars are strong with illusions and vivid lyrics that paint a picture of neighborhoods riddled with crime and drugs. In “Keep Dealing,” the lyrics convey what Pusha T has witnessed where he grew up: “Hella caine/ dope in cellophane/dirty syringes/heroine zombies street walking on three week binges” The lyrics are rooted in truth and seem nothing short of real and raw.

Not only is the album lyrically intriguing, but it showcases an eclectic collection of backbeats that accompany each song. The album was produced by J. Cole and Kanye West and is, therefore, dripping with new sounds that are logic-defying.

This album provides a breath of fresh air with its distinct sound. It is progressive: structured but chaotic, and its mellow melodies with thought-provoking lyrics are the future of rap music. King Push is undoubtedly an advanced album.

—Ashley Bauler

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