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Upcoming ballot measure may stabilize tuition rates

Proposition CC divisive among CU leadership The “Allow State to Retain Excess Revenue for Transportation and Education Measure,” known as Proposition CC, could see an increased amount of state funding for higher education by allowing the state to retain revenue above the state spending cap.

Study shows recruitment bias toward affluent communities

How CU Denver challenges college recruitment bias In the midst of the recent college admissions scandal involving actors Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, researchers at UCLA and the University of Arizona found that public universities systematically prioritize recruiting in affluent, typically white communities. Many recruiters

Participatory budgeting addressing student needs

Students voted for campus improvements Auraria Participatory Budgeting (APB) is a campus initiative that makes Auraria the first college campus in Colorado to implement a project involving students directly in the spending of a grant to improve their college experience. This Machine Has a Soul,

Tuition remains looming threat

POLICIES SURROUNDING TUITION UNLIKELY TO CHANGE Every school year, many students across campus will do a double take upon glancing at their tuition bills and wonder, “Why doesn’t the tuition rate stay the same?” Indeed, the tuition rate changes due to economic factors outside of

Tuition lock needed at CU Denver

FEE INCREASES ARE UNFAIR TO STUDENTS With the cost of attending college throughout the United States on the rise, CU Denver often attracts students because it has an affordable price tag without sacrificing valuable academics when compared to other universities. With nearly 80 percent of

AHEC implements new fees for students

ORGS CAN NO LONGER RESERVE AHEC SPACES FOR FREE As of July 1, student organizations from the Auraria Campus will need to pay a fee if they wish to use spaces in buildings owned by the Auraria Higher Education Center for meetings or events. AHEC