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Music That Can Ignite the Conversation About Hair

 ARTISTS CHALLENGE PREJUDICE As people of color continue to face disparities and prejudices within our society, artists like Solange Knowles are standing up in efforts of fighting cultural discrimination. If there’s one source of influence over people, it’s through the power of music, and Solange

Denver Biscuit Co. Boasts Southern Grit(s)

UNPARALELED FOOD COMBINATIONS  It is no secret that Denver is home to some of the nation’s best restaurants, and the Denver Biscuit Company is definitely no stranger to being ranked among “the best.” This place is where the southern hipster foodie is at home. With

“This Movement Doesn’t End on Election Day”

SANDERS, WARREN RALLY TAKES TURNHALLE A line of hundreds of animated, exuberant, and roused Coloradans meandered around the Tivoli and deep into 9th Street Park for an opportunity to rally with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for the Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine campaign on

CU Personality: Kasey Martinelli

A DOGGONE GREAT ADVOCATE FOR DISABLED STUDENTS Most people go through life not thinking about the simple things that help them get through their day. Things like walking up the stairs, opening a door, and walking around campus to get to class on time are

Music That Trancendes Conventions

INDEPENDENT ARTISTS TAKE IT ONE STEP AT A TIME Let’s take a step back from the conventional pop-radio top-40s standard for music. We hear people talk about music this and music that, and what does our mind flash to? Is it the latest single from

Roadmap to Denver’s Perfect Fall Weekend

LOCAL TRICKS AND TREATS With so much to do and so much to see, what’s wrong with taking the back streets? Nothing. Nothing is wrong with taking the back streets during the autumn season. Doing so allows for a proper exploration of Denver and all

Young Frankenstein: Gene Wilder’s Seminal Work

CLASSIC FILM RETURNS TO THEATRES Dead is dead!” Dr. Frederick Frankenstein insists in the opening scene of Young Frankenstein, thickly laying the subversive foundation of Mel Brooks’ classic film. Any story playing with Mary Shelley’s classic gothic novel could not leave such a statement alone:

CU Personality: Alex Landau

ACTIVIST WINS EMMY FOR ANIMATED SHORT ON POLICE BRUTALITY When CU Denver Communications student Alexander Landau attended the 68th Emmy Awards on Sept. 18 in Los Angeles, he encountered an array of emotions that many wouldn’t feel at a television awards ceremony. Landau’s goal, as

Cider Days: A Family-Friendly Drinking Environment

TWO PARENTS, ONE 21-YEAR-OLD KID, UNLIMITED CIDER If you’ve never drank with your parents, I’d highly recommend it. There’s nothing quite like dismantling a power dynamic that’s been established for 21-plus years, rooted in the teachings of right and wrong, and worked to define the

CU Dreamers Make College A Reality With Scholarship

UNDOCUMENTED STUDENTS DESERVE AN EDUCATION In a time where insults and political carnage splatter across headlines and newsfeeds, students on the Auraria Campus have united to bring awareness to making education accessible to everybody—especially to those who are undocumented. According to the American Immigration Council,