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A Basic Guide To Light Rail Conduct

JUST BE COURTEOUS Most of our student population commutes to campus each day, and we all follow certain conventions when it comes to moving ourselves about. We hold the door open for the person behind us, respect traffic lights, and do our best to park

Lane 8 Digs To Engage & Detach From The Phone

Connected at the hip, hand, and now the wrist — tiny devices ping, buzz, and shake us into focusing on a screen the size of our palm instead of the expansive world around us. Cell phones persistently rival to rule our way of life, or,

CU Personality: Amy Hasinoff

SEXTING FROM ACADEMIC POINT OF VIEW When Amy Hasinoff was writing her doctoral dissertation in 2008, sending explicit messages was on the rise and newly labeled as “sexting.” That movement alone prompted Hasinoff to change her dissertation. She became fascinated with the panic surrounding sexting,

A2ru Conference Returns To CU Denver

ARTREPRENEURS REWRITE THE CREATIVE PROCESS CU Denver hosted the fourth-annual national conference for the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities, commonly referred to as a2ru. Spanning three full days during the first week of November, a2ru aimed to foster and champion the arts in

So, Your Dad Is Voting For Vermin Supreme

THINK TWICE BEFORE DISOWNING YOUR FAMILY FOR THEIR POLITICAL BELIEFS It’s been a brutal 18 months. This election has subjected all US citizens and the watching world to a sort of torture that’s shattered hope for the future of the human condition. American citizens have

The Denver Post Endorses Hilary Clinton

MEDIA TAKES A FIRM POSITION ON POLITICS At the beginning of the presidential race, several hopeful candidates wanted to see his or her name on the 2016 presidential ballot. Major media outlets covered politicians announcing their campaigns and then subsequently ending them. People watched Donald

Where Colorado Stands On National Stage

THE MOVE FROM RED TO BLUE Though mainstream media continues to tout Colorado as a political battleground during national elections, its time as a definitional swing state began and ended with the Obama Administration. Colorado’s electoral votes have gone to Republican presidential candidates in seven

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The CU Denver Sentry Endorsement

The Sentry is a member of the Collegiate Associated Press, and our integrity, ethics, and very existence depend on both Freedom of Speech and freedom from censorship. Given this commitment, we believe we must disavow the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump: a candidate who, in

Master Carver Teaches Art Of Victorian Pumpkins

FAMILY-OWNED ENTERPRISE Pumpkin carving has become one of mainstream society’s primary rituals to celebrate Halloween. Every year, people get together with their friends and family and see who will be the first to break the carving knives that came with the Target template book. While

Autograf Aims To Make Their Mark On Colorado

Passion, DIY production, and a bunch of shoes where they aren’t supposed to be. This sets the scene for Autograf, a trio who aims to redefine EDM’s irking obsession with wasting the live experience, but still finds time to store all their shoes in the