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Iowa Caucus inspires questions on technology in politics

Colorado’s vote counting process for presidential primaries On February 3, both Democrat and Republican voters in Iowa gathered to cast their votes and choose delegates. In a caucus, voters convene in public spaces, then vote for their own individual candidates before those votes are translated

Do we need a space force?

No, it’s not necessary Opinion by Amanda Blackman Any proposed branch of the military created to engage in out-of-this-world space battle should not be a priority for the current administration. The creation of Space Force would be relying on non-existent technologies and would raise taxes

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Don’t get mad at the weather people

Meteorologists deserve some credit Weather forecasters have a hard job. They use the latest technology, science, and math to predict the unpredictable forces of nature. People look to meteorologists for wardrobe guidance every morning, and forecasters save lives by warning cities of impending natural disasters.