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Global Education Office puts Studying Abroad within Reach

Opportunities available for every budget On the flight back home from a study-abroad experience, the pre-departure stress and worries have drifted away, miles behind. Before taking off into the new and unknown, it can be exhausting and nerve-wracking. It’s daunting for many to imagine leaving

New LynxConnect combines four offices in one location

Newly opened offices can be found in Tivoli courtyard Previously, students had to seek out CU Denver offices scattered throughout campus to find resources, but now, with the new opening of LynxConnect, four of those offices are in one convenient, relaxing location.   The four

Fall Study Abroad Fair showcases unique opportunities

Multiple countries and program options available This is what I want students to know: It’s within your reach.” These words come from Saira Hamidi, a study abroad coordinator for the Office of International Affairs (IA) who handles Global Education/Study Abroad. The Office of IA hosted

Studying abroad at CU Denver

Different program options cater to student needs CU Denver has a variety of study abroad programs for all interests. The courses are taught by CU Denver faculty and last from two to five weeks. The application process is available online and requires a statement of

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CU Denver takes China

An experience that transcends all boundaries Almost every university talks about the importance of studying abroad. It offers students a one-of-a-kind experience where they get to broaden their horizons within their educational careers. While CU Denver offers a plethora of study abroad programs, the trip

The importance of studying abroad

TRAVELLING OFFERS STUDENTS NEW PERSPECTIVES Today, the world is intricately connected on a global scale. The ways that many foreign institutions educate their students allow them to learn how to interact with people from other countries while also emboldening different language capabilities. One way institutions

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Should safety affect travelers: Yes or No?

EXPERIENCE THE WORLD | Ashley Bauler As the world political climate heats up, with North Korea’s continued aggression and the United States picking strongly worded responses, tensions are high. For many, they feel unsafe traveling in the world right now. ISIS lone-wolf attacks could happen

From the Editor | Taylor Kirby

CAPTURING THE MOMENT I took over 2,000 photos when I studied abroad in South Korea. Sometimes, people in my class would leave their cameras at the hostel to “be in the moment” for whichever sites we were visiting that day. I never shared that impulse.