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Sports canceled, dads confused

Fathers around the globe come out of hiding Due to the increasingly serious Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, sports have decided to skip this season and lay low while everyone else gets sick. This has created some unintended consequences, one of which being the dads

Vance Joseph done as Broncos’ head coach

After only two seasons, Broncos force Joseph out Vance Joseph’s time in Denver has come to a miserable end. After a dismal record of 5-11 a year ago and a disappointing but slightly better record of 6-10 this year, Broncos Executive John Elway felt the

CU Denver Women’s Ultimate team

A spotlight on the club sport Ultimate is a non-contact team sport where, in order to score points, a disk must be passed to a teammate on the other side of the opposing team’s goal line. CU Denver has its own Ultimate team that is

What’s next for the Colorado Rockies?

Playoff chances still unpredictable The Rockies are in an interesting place heading into October. They are in striking distance to take the NL West, but at the same time so are the Diamondbacks and Dodgers. At this point, there is still a chance that all

The Broncos are one season away from obscurity

A 2018/19 season preview Losing has always been a tough pill to swallow for the Denver Broncos. The Broncos faithful have had to endure three losing seasons since the onset of the new millennium.  The 5-11 record in the 2016/17 regular season—coming only two years

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More Olympic wardrobe highlights

An update on the coolest outfits of winter The Olympics, outside of being an event of the world’s fiercest competitors, is also a showcase of some of the most creative wardrobes in competitive sports today. Kana Muramoto, who is a figure skater representing Japan, dazzled

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Olympic wardrobe highlights

The coolest outfits of winter The end of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games calls for a moment to reflect on the most memorable wardrobes worn by athletes around the world. Pita Taufatofua, the sole representative from Tonga for this year’s Olympics, beared the frigid cold