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Good Times Ahead | Little Bit of This | Single Review

Warner Records Rating: Thumbs Up Crickets might not be the first expected sound to hear at the beginning of a heavy hype track, but Good Times Ahead (G.T.A.) opens up “Little Bit of This (ft. Vince Staples)” with none other than their peaceful chirping. But with the count-off of

Lupe Fiasco | Hey Lupe | Single Review

Atlantic Records Rating: Thumbs Up A song that is angsty and full of hype, Lupe Fiasco’s “Hey Lupe” finally released to streaming services 15 years after its creation back in 2006. Sounding similarly to SoundCloud rapper Pouya, Fiasco’s raspy voice flows fluently with the upbeat

Niall Horan | No Judgement | Single Review

Capitol Records Rating: Thumbs Up Niall Horan’s latest release, “No Judgement,” clearly proves the Irish singer’s sound is moving more in the direction of sultry pop on his upcoming sophomore album Heartbreak Weather. The track kicks off with a scorching fingerpicked guitar riff and heavy

Hayley Williams | Simmer | Single Review

Atlantic Records Rating: Thumbs up Hayley Williams, the queen of pop punk herself, has graced the world with a new single, “Simmer.” The first single off her first solo album, “Simmer” is a sexy blend of new-wave synth pop and indie rock. Williams’ vocal capabilities

Code Orange | Underneath | Single Review

Roadrunner Records Rating: Thumbs down Code Orange’s new single “Underneath” is an unnerving mix of hardcore and melodic rock. While Code Orange’s previous albums feature mostly hardcore yelling, “Underneath” sounds like a low-budget 2013 Warped Tour advertisement. Rhythmic pounding at the beginning is clunkily smushed

The Front Bottoms | Camouflage | Single Review

Fueled by Ramen Rating: Thumbs Up Almost three years after releasing their last album, The Front Bottoms returned with their new single “Camouflage.” With melodies and quirky interjections reminiscent of their 2013 album Talon of the Hawk, “Camouflage” embodies the band’s unique blend of folk

Bishop Briggs | Jekyll & Hide | Single Review

Island Records Rating: Thumbs up Bishop Briggs’ new single “Jekyll & Hide,” from her newly released album Champion, is a masochistic song about chasing after a lover like the eponymous two-in-one duo who is “Sweet and then you’re sour, changes by the hour / Never

Selena Gomez | Look at Her Now | Single Review

Interscope Rating: Thumbs down Selena Gomez’s new single, “Look at Her Now,” had the potential to be a wonderful tune entailing growth after a tough relationship. Instead, it’s an over auto-tuned nightmare that sounds like it would’ve been produced at the peak of 2011. The