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Bishop Briggs | Jekyll & Hide | Single Review

Island Records Rating: Thumbs up Bishop Briggs’ new single “Jekyll & Hide,” from her newly released album Champion, is a masochistic song about chasing after a lover like the eponymous two-in-one duo who is “Sweet and then you’re sour, changes by the hour / Never

Selena Gomez | Look at Her Now | Single Review

Interscope Rating: Thumbs down Selena Gomez’s new single, “Look at Her Now,” had the potential to be a wonderful tune entailing growth after a tough relationship. Instead, it’s an over auto-tuned nightmare that sounds like it would’ve been produced at the peak of 2011. The

Julia Michaels | If You Need Me | Single Review

Republic Records Rating: Thumbs Up Julia Michaels’ new single “If You Need Me” is a melodious, heartwarming piece of music that engages audiences from the get-go. An emotional ride of just over three minutes, Michaels’ message is clear: she wants to help those in need.

Vin Bogart | Wasted | Single Review

Self-Released Rating: Thumbs Up Vin Bogart’s newest single, “Wasted,” carries high expectations well worth the wait. The single matches the artist’s distinct style, and soulful lyrics mixed with a bluesy electric feel, yet this familiarity does not disappoint. The single begins softly, drawing the listener

Harry Styles | Lights Up | Single Review

Erskine Records Rating: Thumbs Up Harry Styles is back with a brand-new single, “Lights Up.” It’s a great track that effortlessly combines the beachy, string-centric style reminiscent of bands like The Neighbourhood, and the whimsical, avant-garde artistry of Styles himself. Elements of gospel, classic acoustics, and light drum loops are

Liza Anne | Devotion | Single Review

Arts & Crafts Productions Rating: Thumbs Up Liza Anne’s latest track “Devotion” is the femme power ballad the world didn’t know it even needed but is all the better now that it’s here. Instead of looking at a breakup as the end, “Devotion” chronicles a profound return to self. Slamming

Milky Chance | Daydreaming | Single Review

Elektra Rating: Thumbs down “Daydreaming” from 2014 staple, Milky Chance, does exactly what those familiar with the band would expect: indecipherable lyrics over a stoner rock beat. Space-like synth opens the track with lead singer Celmens Rehbein mumbling through a simple drumkit, making it easy

Dan + Shay | 10,000 Hours | Single Review

Warner Nashville Rating: Thumbs down Country duo Dan + Shay’s new single “10,000 Hours” featuring Justin Bieber is pretty much the exact same song as “(I Wanna Hear Your) Secrets” by the fictional boy band Boys For Now from Bob’s Burgers. The song features the

Mike Posner | Slow It Down | Single Review

Island Records Rating: Thumbs Up Mike Posner’s new single “Slow It Down” is a far cry from his old hit “Cooler Than Me.” Opening with piano and backed up by chill beats, “Slow It Down” is packed full of meaning, such as with the lyrics,

Niall Horan | Nice to Meet Ya | Single Review

Capitol Records Rating: Thumbs Up The release of his debut solo record, Flicker, introduced fans to a more folk pop, ballad side of Niall Horan. However, the newest single off his upcoming sophomore album, “Nice to Meet Ya,” has completely flipped Horan’s sound into something