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Florence + the Machine | Light of Love | Single Review

Virgin EMI Records Rating: Thumbs Up Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine has been considered by many to be the queen of indie-rock music since her debut album, Lungs was released in 2009. This new single, “Light Of Love,” is no exception. Blending her signature occult-sounding vocals and

Twenty One Pilots | Level of Concern | Single Review

Fueled By Ramen Rating: Thumbs Up In a time of hardship around the world, Twenty One Pilots released a new single that is fun, energetic, and uplifting in “Level of Concern.” A beat that reminisces the funk-pop of the 70s, the melody is soothing and blends in tremendously with

Havok | Post-Truth Era | Single Review

Century Media Records Rating: Thumbs Up  “Post-Truth Era,” a single released by Colorado-based thrash metal band Havok, starts out with a melodic guitar riff, which takes a turn into an intense thrash song, complete with loud aggressive vocals, and complicated drum patterns. Although it definitely has

Megan Thee Stallion | Savage | Single Review

300 Rating: Thumbs Up Megan Thee Stallion’s latest single “Savage” is sassy, moody, and nasty. The song begins with Megan reminding listeners that she is still that bitch and will forever be. Megan’s overall flow is catchy and interesting enough to keep the attention of the audience.

Christina Aguilera | Loyal Brave True | Single Review

Walt Disney Records Rating: Thumbs Up Even though the remake of Mulan was postponed due to COVID–19, Disney decided to release the single “Loyal Brave True” by Christina Aguilera. The song is soft from the beginning with bowed stringed instruments, zither, and piano playing quietly. Aguilera’s strong vocals compliment the instrumentals by focusing on Mulan as a warrior: calm

Regan Harrison | Tinder (Profile) | Single Review

Out of Your League Records Rating: Thumbs Up She’s nice. She’s talented. She’s getting her master’s in philosophy. It’s Regan Harrison! Making a fresh appearance as a solo act after several years of serving as a backup singer to the artist formerly known as Frat Boi Nick, Regan is ready to mingle. She

Plane Claps | Roger, Cleared to Land | Single Review

Shady Records Rating: Thumbs Up Airplane Claps has been in the shadows. That was until recently, when they released their new hit single “Roger, Cleared to Land.” This new, psychedelic, one beat melody opens to a single high pitch piano key. Audiences are rewarded with the soothing sound of

Good Times Ahead | Little Bit of This | Single Review

Warner Records Rating: Thumbs Up Crickets might not be the first expected sound to hear at the beginning of a heavy hype track, but Good Times Ahead (G.T.A.) opens up “Little Bit of This (ft. Vince Staples)” with none other than their peaceful chirping. But with the count-off of

Lupe Fiasco | Hey Lupe | Single Review

Atlantic Records Rating: Thumbs Up A song that is angsty and full of hype, Lupe Fiasco’s “Hey Lupe” finally released to streaming services 15 years after its creation back in 2006. Sounding similarly to SoundCloud rapper Pouya, Fiasco’s raspy voice flows fluently with the upbeat