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Tommy Genesis | Lucky | Single Review

Record Label: Downtown Records Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Tommy Genesis isn’t the cliche female rapper. The self-proclaimed “fetish rapper” sings with a voice that is rough and impassioned. Her verses are as perverted as they are infectious, and her production can be described

The Voidz | QYURRYUS | Single Review

Record label: Cult Records The Voidz have released their latest single titled, “QYURRYUS.” As a follow-up to “Leave It To My Dreams,” the band prepares for the forthcoming release of their sophomore album Virtue. Clocking in at just under two minutes, “QYURRYUS” is an experimental

the Chainsmokers | Sick Boy | Single Review

Label: Disruptor Records It seems the Chainsmokers have a talent for dishing out carbon-copy songs that fail to leave a lasting impression on their audience. In their newly released single “Sick Boy,” the Chainsmokers do not show a single sign of development within their music.

Justin Timberlake | Filthy | Single Review

Record label: Warner Brothers Records Justin Timberlake recently released his single “Filthy.” The classic early 2000s music icon is gone and has been replaced by an unoriginal, copycat singer. The track begins with an electric guitar hook that sounds promising but then deteriorates into screeching

Ho99o9 | Neighborhood Watch: Single Review

Artist: Ho99o9 Single: Neighborhood Watch Release Date: 2017 In this increasingly evolutionary period of human history, it is only natural that hip hop and hard-core punk would coincide into the form of a gritty, mutinous band that goes by Ho99o9—pronounced “horror.” Following their first full

Taylor Swift | Gorgeous: Single Review

Artist: Taylor Swift Single: Gorgeous Release Date: Oct. 20th, 2017 “Gorgeous” is Taylor Swift at her worst. Released on Oct. 20, the track compromises the quality of her otherwise promising album, Reputation, with juvenile themes and a lackluster production. Rhythmically, the song has all the

Marilyn Manson | Say10: Music Video Review

Artist: Marilyn Manson Song:  Say10 Release date: Oct. 9th, 2017 Marilyn Manson recently released his new music video, featuring Johnny Depp, for “Say10.” But instead of an artistic masterpiece, the video only proves that friends don’t always make ideal collaborators. On the surface, the “Say10” music video

Death Grips | Steroids: Single Review

Artist: Death Grips Album: Steroids Release date: 2017 Earlier this year, Death Grips released “Steroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber),” and the underground music scene was violently shaken by the latest sounds from the industrial experimental hip hop group. The group consists of Tera Melos’ Zach

Liam Gallagher | Greedy Soul: Single Review

Artist: Noel Gallagher Single: Greedy Soul Release date: Sept. 27th, 2017 Liam Gallagher, the former vocalist for Oasis, released his single on Sep. 27 entitled “Greedy Soul.” The song captures the relaxed vocals that listeners are accustomed to from Gallagher, emulating the established brit-pop style