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Is Alita: Battle Angel worth the price of admission?

A pure special effects funhouse Opinion by Austin Bolton Alita: Battle Angel follows the story of a cyborg girl (spoiler: it’s Alita) who, after being scrapped and thrown away, is rebuilt by a doctor. Alita explores the metropolis of Iron City in the year 2563

Vinyl or digital: which one is better?

Vinyl isn’t just background noise by Allison Ackerman The millennial generation is the generation that grew up with the evolution of the CD to MP3, MP3s to streaming apps. Millennials have not only experienced multiple new technologies in the music world but have also had

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Should cell phones be allowed at concerts?

People have a right to take photos by Sarah McLaughlin Performers such as Jack White are having concert goers lock up their phones in order to give them a “genuine experience,” according to a statement written by White’s representatives. Requiring that phones be locked away