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Punch Up the Jam keeps it fresh

A reminder that music should be fun The comedy-meets-music podcast Punch Up the Jam provides the recipe for the perfect podcast by covering everything from the cosmic implications of “A Thousand Miles” to toxic masculinity, to the porno name for “Minority Report” while simultaneously never

Most binge-worthy podcast

SERIAL’S STORYLINES SATIATE LISTENERS For victims of a curious spirit and lovers of true crime, Serial is the best podcast to binge. Hosted by Sarah Koenig, each season of the podcast focuses on one true crime story. That story is unraveled  in each episode. From

Pod Save America interviews Hillary Clinton

CLINTON DISCUSSES HER NEW BOOK AND RECENT CAMPAIGN On Sept. 12, Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the hosts of Pod Save America about her new book, What Happened, which discusses her campaign in the 2016 presidential election. Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer, and Tommy

Last Podcast on the Left indulges listeners

COMBINES HORROR WITH HUMOR There are enough true crime podcasts in the world to satisfy the most curious individuals; but is there a podcast that combines cults, serial killers, ghosts and UFOs with wit and humour that can make any listener cackle to themselves while