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Horrendous | Idol | Album Reviw

Season of Mist Rating: 4 out of 5 Celebrated progressive death metal act Horrendous revitalizes their catalog and the underground metal scene with their highly anticipated and most consistent record, Idol.  The group has refined their unique blend of genres and instrumental tones to mastery

Windhand crowd bewitched by heavy metal

Windhand plays to a full house at the Larimer Lounge On Oct. 23 at the Larimer Lounge, the doom metal band Windhand greeted a welcoming, accepting crowd gathered for the sole purpose of basking in the occult riffs and baselines. Following the release of their

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Heavy Metal and the Satanic Panic

The myth behind metal and satan Heavy metal, a genre of music that is familiar to most, has often been closely associated with Lucifer despite not actually being “the Devil’s music.” This popular genre of music didn’t always have dark connotations—at least not in the