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Auraria campus marches for suicide prevention

September deemed Suicide Awareness Month September has been deemed the month of Suicide Prevention Awareness, a time in which many organizations, such as NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness), reach out to individuals who have been affected by suicide and to those with suicidal thoughts.

Reframing gun violence in a new light

Mental health needs to be address to combat this crisis It is an unfortunate reality that mass shootings in the United States no longer really affect people. News stories run for a day or two, and then people move on to the next massacre. Meanwhile,

Fear of school shootings is shaping America’s youth

Recent Colorado incident increased anxiety K–12 students across the state of Colorado got an unplanned day off on April 17 as Colorado authorities conducted a region-wide manhunt for Columbine infatuate Sol Pais. Eighteen-year-old Pais was found dead late on the morning of April 17 near

An evening at Keep Talking, End the Stigma

Exploring the healing power of narrative On April 18, the Tivoli Turnhalle hosted a new mental health awareness event. Keep Talking, End the Stigma was a collaborative event headed by the Office of Case Management and co-sponsored by the Counseling Center, the Phoenix Center, Student

CU Denver Counseling Center receives SAMHSA grant

Grant to improve suicide prevention on campus In November 2018, the counseling center at CU Denver received a grant for $306,000 over the course of the next three years, which will enable the counseling center to improve suicide prevention and mental health awareness on campus.

Denver starting new law enforcement program

Initiative addresses mental health and substance abuse Denver has started a new initiative offering support to those with mental health and substance abuse problems. The program is an effort to provide “adults at risk for low-level controlled substance-related offenses and prostitution” along with harm-reduction intervention

Are emotional support animals overused?

People abuse the privileges Opinion by Haley Frank Animals have the remarkable ability to be loyal companions to humans. Perhaps this bond is why people are abusing the privilege of having an emotional support animal (ESA) when they don’t have a legitimate need for one.