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Ramen proves to be best

Uncle ramen is a Denver must-have It is damn near impossible to find what makes the Denver food culture pop in one restaurant. But, Uncle, located on 2215 West 32nd Avenue deep in the Highlands, is the pinnacle of Denver culinary experiences, period. Every aspect

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Queer eyes are making straight guys look fly

Netflix original  challenges gender norms by Jeremy Holder and Matthew Kriese It’s difficult to find a show that forces intense self-reflection on its audience. Most shows on Netflix can promise to excite or fright, but few can cause tears to flow freely or laughs to

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Recent discovery reveals Kardashian secret

Kardashians likely asexually reproducing The ever-shifting nature of the contemporary social world has caused many a rift among celebrities. Some have managed to rise to the never-before-seen heights of vanity, reaching incredibly broad amounts of people. There is perhaps no greater example of this success

El Camino leads customers to flavortown

Latin flare from brunch to burritos In a city where brunch—the most sacred of weekend ceremonies—has been targeted with inflated prices and unapproachable long lines, it is refreshing to see some restaurants keep prices low. El Camino Community Tavern, located on 32nd and Lowell, has

Stranger Than Fiction | Matthew Kriese

In my academic career, there have been almost no moments where I have been congratulated for pursuing a degree in Philosophy. More often than not, I have had to overlook people trying to hide cringes behind passively motivating remarks like, “That’s unique” or “I’m sure