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Another brick in the wall

The W. and Ellen Lovefest America’s (arguably) favorite daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres attracted controversy in recent weeks after being photographed with former President George W. Bush. Bush isn’t just any ex-president. Bush is the man who called for a constitutional amendment to ban

Mark Kennedy confirmed as CU President

Vote reflects political divisions The CU Regents voted to confirm nominee Mark Kennedy for CU President, despite the controversy surrounding his nomination. Days earlier, the University of Colorado Faculty Council, an elected body comprised of faculty members from all four campuses, released a report on

Sex education bill advances in Colorado Senate

Bill hasn’t escaped contention from conservative groups A new comprehensive sex education bill, House Bill 19-1032, which resolved in updating the previous 2013 sex education standards, advanced in the Colorado State Senate on Feb. 28 after previously passing the Colorado State House.   The bill itself proposed the

Supreme Court advances military ban

Transgender soldiers soon to be turned away As of Jan. 22, the Supreme Court has moved forward with President Trump’s ban on transgender troops serving in the military—voting 5–4 to lift injunctions standing in the way of the ban. This decision has left military personnel

Auraria’s LGBTQ Center Turns 25

A silver soiree for a silver birthday Auraria’s LGBTQ Student Resource Center turned 25 this month, and they celebrated the best way they know how: with an open-for-all silver soiree. Since its consummation as Colorado’s first on-campus LGBTQ support center in 1993, the office has