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New Colorado Laws Effective in 2020

Amendments made to existing laws From guns to marijuana to gender identity, Colorado residents can expect to see big changes in 2020. As the 2019 legislative session came to a close, several new laws and amendments will begin implementation in 2020, including the Red Flag

Fear of school shootings is shaping America’s youth

Recent Colorado incident increased anxiety K–12 students across the state of Colorado got an unplanned day off on April 17 as Colorado authorities conducted a region-wide manhunt for Columbine infatuate Sol Pais. Eighteen-year-old Pais was found dead late on the morning of April 17 near

Polis signs “Red Flag” gun control bill

Many Colorado sheriffs have denounced the new law Gov. Polis signed the HB19-1177 bill into law on April 12, which puts in place extreme risk protection order (ERPO) laws to minimize gun violence. This bill allows for family members or law enforcement to temporarily remove

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Kaitlin Bennett’s most problematic tweets

How her tweets facilitate hate and ignorance Anyone who has Twitter has probably come across Kaitlin Bennett at one time or another. The Ken State alumna rose to infamy in 2017, posting her graduation photos onto her account featuring Bennett walking through campus toting her

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Thousands participate in Denver’s March for Our Lives

“Enough is enough” Saturday, March 24, was a significant day of protest for domestic tranquility. Over 800 marches took place across the country, according to the March For Our Lives website. The cause was to raise awareness for school gun violence and advocate for better

Gun control in the US

POLICIES SURROUNDING GUNS UNLIKELY TO CHANGE After the largest mass shooting took place in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, gun control, and lack thereof, has come back as a major topic of discussion. People are worried, more and more are Americans venting their frustrations over