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Developing From a Negative

A Blind Homunculus In order to explain the ability to visualize inside one’s head there was once a belief that a small person or a “homunculus” lived inside the head and viewed the internal images in the same manner we watch movies in the theater. 

Developing from a Negative

Manhattan’s the other name I have such a love / hate relationship with New York, New York. Personally, I wish it was still named New Amsterdam but that is neither here nor there. I grew up in a small town in the middle of this

Developing From A Negative

Desert Island The desert island ice breaker poses an extreme scenario that forces a person to declare their pinnacle musicians or movies. I’ve taken this game a step further with my inner circle of people and I will often pose variations of this classic like,

Developing From A Negative

The Beginning At the beginning of 2019 I made a resolution to become a better person by the end of the year. I wasn’t happy with who I was and that needed to change. It has been and still is a difficult process to go