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Sera’s Ramen Enclave packed with flavor

HIDDEN SPOT REDEFINES COLLEGE CUISINE Far and few are the local culinary experiences that transport the consumer to impossibly far away places. But, Sera’s Ramen Enclave does this to a mesmerizing degree. All components of this cozy hideaway, from the vibrant colors of its walls

Where to find affordable, healthy food near campus

BEING HEALTHY DOESN’T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE Most people have probably broken their New Year’s Resolution of eating healthier by now. Through some try and eat right, it’s just easier to grab a bag of chips before heading out the door. It’s hard to make

DIY venue celebrates its fifth anniversary

SEVENTH CIRCLE ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL It’s been five years since Seventh Circle Music Collective opened its doors to local rock musicians and enthusiasts, and the DIY artist space still continues to thrive. Celebrating its five-year anniversary, Seventh Circle hosted a three-day music festival from Sept. 22-24.

The Fray’s lead advocates for music education

ESTABLISHING A STATEWIDE MUSIC INITIATIVE Music is an important aspect in many people’s lives. This especially holds true for The Fray’s lead singer, Isaac Slade, and Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper. For this reason, Slade and Hickenlooper decided to start an organization called Take Note

Haunted Field of Screams screens horror flicks

FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENTS FOR THE FALL As the fall season begins, there are many events in Colorado open to the public to become engaged in the fall festivities. One, for example, includes the Haunted Field of Screams, a movie screening in a cornfield in Thornton.

Foul-Mouthed Cross Stitch at Grandma’s House

FUN TWIST ON ARTS AND CRAFTS Cross stitching might be most popular among a group of grandmas, but tucked in the last corner of South Broadway, untouched by gentrification between auto shops and dispensaries, cross stitching is accessible to all at Grandma’s House. The bar

Photo Booth: Pugs in the Park

Every year, the Denver Pug Rescue hosts their annual fundraiser, Pugs in the Park. The event was lined with booths ranging from dog-themed pillows to a table where volunteers offered to clip the nails of even the most stubborn of pugs. At a booth adorned

Where to find the best cheap coffee in Denver

AFFORDABLE LOCAL OPTIONS FOR STUDENTS Let’s face it: college students are poor. It’s almost inevitable for their wallets to become thinner as the semester begins, with money slipping out of bank accounts and straight into bills, loans, and tuition. It’s also true that students need

Wake The Dead at the Milk Bar

On Sept. 15, there was a refreshing breeze in the night air, a welcome change from the 80-degree heat Colorado has been experiencing and Broadway became wet from the unforeseen rain storm, gleaming like obsidian. It was as good a night as any to attend