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New guinea pig restaurant opens in Denver

Serves the best local guinea pigs The newly opened guinea pig restaurant in Denver is a sad chapter in human history but a great moment for guinea pig culture. Ever since PETA took over the federal government and issued animal-friendly everything, humans in this great

Denver Restaurants are fourth loudest in nation 

Denver Restaurants are some noisy experiences A recent study has ranked Denver the fourth loudest city for restaurants in the nation.  The study, conducted by the hearing aid manufacturer Oticon, studied the noise levels at America’s top 10 food cities: Nashville, Portland, Washington D.C., Denver, San

Tocabe tackles tradition transcendentally

BLENDS THE OLD WITH THE NEW IN AMERICAN CUISINE It would seem unlikely that in this day and age a restaurant that focuses on environmental sustainability and ethical consumption could exist, but there are some that do. It may even be perceived as far fetched