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CU team awarded $4.5 million to build drones

CU Denver partners with CU boulder in new challenge CU Denver and CU Boulder researchers have collaborated with Scientific Systems Company, Inc. (SSCI), a Boston-based tech company, to design drones that would help expand exploration of subterranean environments, including caves, human-made tunnels, and mines. To

Democratic socialism sweeping across college campuses

Students seeking alternatives to two-party system Democratic socialism is gaining popularity in the United States, particularly on college campuses.   According to historian Eric Foner, in the past, socialism hasn’t had broad appeal in the United States partially because of its association with authoritarian regimes like the Soviet

Tuition lock needed at CU Denver

FEE INCREASES ARE UNFAIR TO STUDENTS With the cost of attending college throughout the United States on the rise, CU Denver often attracts students because it has an affordable price tag without sacrificing valuable academics when compared to other universities. With nearly 80 percent of