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Let’s panic about other crises, too!

Capitalism and climate change play a big part in the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 came seemingly out of nowhere. Once confirmed in the United States, people rushed to stock up on groceries, hand sanitizer, alcohol, cannabis, guns, and for some reason toilet paper. Considering other critical problems faced

How to Fact Check News About COVID-19

Being able to fact-check information is crucial during this pandemic. As of April 8, 2020, the United States is now the leader with the number of cases in the COVID-19 pandemic passing both China and Italy in the past few days. Information about COVID-19 changes

Denver’s Been Here Before: 1918-1920 Pandemic

100 years ago another outbreak hit Colorado hard  Just over 100 years ago a pandemic of influenza swept over the world and killed tens of millions of people, with over half a million in the United States. According to Katie Rudolph from the Western History