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Making the most out of college

College is never an easy thing to start, but attending a commuter campus can present a particularly challenging hurdle to overcome. Few people stay on campus after their classes; CU Denver doesn’t have big sporting events, Auraria is a large campus with people who go

Should children be vaccinated?

It’s too dangerous Opinion by LeShaye Hernandez Vaccinations are a personal choice, especially when it comes to vaccinating one’s own children. It is within a parent’s right to raise and care for their children in the way they decide is best. Many diseases have been

Is it okay to wear another college’s apparel?

Be true to your school Opinion by Amanda Blackman It’s not unusual to see students wearing gear from colleges they do not attend. The act of doing so does nothing beneficial for the school’s community or the wearer’s reputation. When someone is wearing gear from

Stranger Than Fiction

Stress seems to be the foundational component of being a college student today. I feel like all I hear is I’m drowning or you wouldn’t understand what it’s like to take 15 credits and work 30 hour weeks. I guess these people are sort of

Alternative breaks help students travel

SERVICE-BASED TRIPS HELP STUDENTS SEE THE WORLD Alternative Breaks was first established in 2009 as a staff-facilitated program, but over the past five years it has adapted into a student-facilitated organization that offers a transformative experience for both the students and the community they engage