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Colorado’s recycling rate far below the national average

Proposed bills aim to address issue Despite the vast amount of recycling containers dotting the Auraria campus, Colorado’s overall recycling habits are surprisingly lackluster. According to a 2019 study released by government officials, Colorado’s recycling rate was only 17.2 percent in 2018, well below the

Going green on campus and beyond

How students can get involved The threat of climate change is an ever-present thought in the minds of many young people today.  Current world reports don’t paint an optimistic picture either: the Amazon rainforest burns in large swaths, millions of tons of arctic ice are

Student Advisory Committee gives students a voice

Helping students understand SACAB Student Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board is more than another student resource office with an acronym for their name. Many students may be unaware of the importance of this state-mandated resource for the students of the Auraria campus, but the

Auraria Sustainable Campus Program celebrates Earth Day every day

ASCP addressing composting rate Created from a student-led initiative, the Auraria Sustainable Campus Program (ASCP) addresses one major goal: reducing the ecological footprint of the Auraria Campus. To do this, ASCP works to create on-campus projects to reduce waste, increase knowledge about sustainability, and treat