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Wholesome movies to watch while quarantined

Feel-good films to uplift the soul It’s easy to lose sight of one’s self during these trying times and being cooped up at home certainly doesn’t help. But this time in solitude doesn’t have to be completely hopeless. One way to distract the mind and nourish

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Amazon wins best Super Bowl commercial

Creative concept and cameos from celebrities Everyone knows the highlight of the Super Bowl is the commercials. That’s why each year, advertising agencies spend big bucks to make the most memorable ad they know millions of viewers will be watching. Usually, this results in hilarious

Amazon to expand its retail ecosystem east

COLORADO CITY PREPS TO COMPETE FOR NEW HQ On Sept. 7, 2010, retail behemoth Amazon announced plans to build a second headquarters (HQ2) outside of Seattle and invest a monumental $5 billion in the project’s construction. When the Request for Proposal opened to North American