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Best Study Album

Greek Musical Odyssey – Bouzouki Kings | FM When you’re in the midst of studying, you want to listen to music that isn’t too distracting. Albums without lyrics not only make studying a little more enjoyable, but let you escape at the times you’re dozing

How to Win at Talking to Advisors

College is expensive and time-consuming. Students need to make sure that they take the correct classes so they don’t waste precious time and money taking classes they don’t need to graduate. To accomplish this task, talking to an academic advisor frequently is key. Academic advisors

Best Album for a Midterm Cry

I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning – Bright Eyes | Saddle Creek I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning is a 45 minute, 41 second album of pure catharsis. Bright Eyes released the album over 11 years ago, however, the lyrics in every song still resonate deeply, making

Screen and Stage in Need of Color

THE NEED FOR BETTER REPRESENTATION (Adapted for print from our previous coverage of diversity in Denver theatre and Hollywood. Part 1 available here and part two available here.) Films and television offer narratives of the lived world. A person’s favorite movie is considered basic information, a question