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Photobooth: Revenge of the Sithmas

  A long time ago last month, some bad guys showed up to a Christmas parade… Featuring the Mountain Garrison of the 501st Legion. For more information about the 501st Legion, their members, and their mission, visit

Be bold and brave for failure is OK

FAILURE HAPPENS TO EVERYONE Attending a university doesn’t come with a “How to Guide” to help maneuver life while in school. Consider this the crash course for students to navigate through the potential failures of college. No one tells the stories about the failures students

CU Denver alumni share their tips

LEARN WHAT TO USE AND USE WHAT YOU LEARN The path a student chooses to take after graduation depends on the individual. While many students go straight into graduate school, while others take time off, work, or travel. What matters most is how time is

CU Denver Wins Sports Game

ONE STEP CLOSER TO SPORTSBALL TITLE After what felt like hours of intense sport competition, CU Denver Sports Team took home the victory over Another School of Similar Size. The game started out like any other when players chased around a ball in the hopes

INTERVIEW: Catfish & The Bottlemen

UK BAND FINDS GROOVE IN U.S. Bathed in the sweat and energy that is inherent in their live show, Catfish & The Bottlemen has risen as the cream of the crop of a live touring act. Catfish & The Bottlemen stop at the Ogden Theater