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Student spotlight: Generation Nomad

CU Denver students make up alt-rock group The band Generation Nomad consists of four students completely submerged in music. Lizzy Kistler who sings vocals, Luke Sletten the lead guitarist, Gizelle Cisneros who plays bass and sings background vocals, and Josh Tibbets who plays the drums.

The Highwomen | Redesigning Women | Single Review

Elektra Records Rating: Thumbs Up Redesigning Women,” the latest single from country female supergroup The Highwomen, comprised of Brandi Carlile, Amanda Shires, Maren Morris, and Natalie Hemby is an introspective look into womanhood in a genre dominated by men. Softly sung to a folksy acoustic

Cookbook of The Sentry

College students often struggle finding time to  cook and enjoy a meal that reminds them of home. These simple recipes can help bring home-cooked meals and desserts to dorms. Spicy Chicken Tacos with Cabbage Slaw Ingredients: 2 medium chicken breasts, each cut into 1-inch cubes

Letter to the Editor

Kennedy is a Microcosm of Millenial Civics I could use these 500 words to talk about Mark Kennedy as a politician, a businessman, or an academic. I could mention that his voting record, in reference to Brian Keegan’s article titled, “Mark Kennedy is a Mediocre Ideologue,”“more

Should Denver have curfews for people under 18?

It hinders teens from having fun Opinion by Kennedy Erhart Denver’s recent enforcement of the 11 p.m. curfew on school nights and midnight on weekends for those under 18 is ludicrous for those just under the age cutoff. While the intentions for the curfew are


Down with sound! After a year of writing and editing about the subject, I must confess that I’m just not that into music. I’ve never understood what people get out of it. I’ve been to my fair share of concerts, and I’ve even owned a

Should campus be a smoke-free environment?

No, the current system is fine Opinion by Tara Perticone The reason for wanting to ban smoking makes sense—it’s bad for those who partake and others who are around it. However, it is still a personal choice whether someone decides to smoke or not. CU