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Best local Colorado music fest

UMS BRINGS INTIMACY TO SOUTH BROADWAY The Underground Music Showcase—often shortened to UMS—is Denver’s premier alternative music festival going on 16 years of action. The UMS is renowned for featuring local Denver artists, and giving young and local bands a platform to share their music.

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Most cringe-worthy protests

PEACEFUL: THE CONSTITUTION SAID ‘PEACEFUL’ Since the start of election season, protesting and expression of free speech have been at the forefront of society’s minds, especially around Downtown Denver and Auraria Campus. Though there have been many peaceful and respectful protests, there have been an

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Game of Thrones concert: songs of ice and fire

WESTEROS COMES TO DENVER The voice of Cersei Lannister echoes across the filled-to-capacity Pepsi Center: “Silence your phones now, or you will be boiled in the blood of your children.” A full orchestra queues up the Game of Thrones theme song; the opening credits play

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Bork Bork Bork // Bones

This is Bones McCoy of the U.S.S. Enterprise, reporting from the inside of my kennel because I just had my balls ripped out of my body and I’m not allowed to leave the apartment. This has been the worst week of my short life. I

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CU Denver Tennis serves up fun

COED SPORT ENGAGES STUDENT ATHLETES Spring is in the air, and on the outskirts of Auraria Campus there is the Regency Athletic Center, where the CU Denver  Club Sport Tennis team works on their serves and hits in the sunny weather.    Senior Lena Nowaki,

Noise FM // William Card

When I first walked across the bustling Speer Blvd, I was a fledgling songwriter and entirely 100 percent uncertain of my future career path. Four years later, I am a senior in the music business program at CU Denver. And while still pretty uncertain, I

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Netflix continues comedy curation with Lower Classy

CRISTELA ALONZO ON STAGE Since Netflix added Cristela Alonzo: Lower Classy last month, the comedy special has showcased Alonzo’s witty and down-home sense of humor during her stand-up performance in San Antonio. She tackles issues of poverty, racial tension, and sexism through the lens of

Feminist Agenda // Taylor Kirby

Yesterday was my birthday; more importantly, it marked five years since Fun. came out with their last album. Fun.’s been with me through a lot. They played me off the stage at my high school graduation; they were my first show at Red Rocks; and,

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Single Review // Zayn + Taylor Swift

Don’t Want to Live Forever //  Universal Music ZAYN, formerly of One Direction, releases another single with the help of Taylor Swift as they search for sexiness in solitude. The track narrates a separated couple waxing sultry about their lost love. “I’ve been looking sad

Peer pressure and college students

IT’S OKAY TO SHOW YOUR NERDY SIDE Popular culture’s tendency to make the nerd the butt of jokes has developed a marketable and in-vogue appeal. From Family Matters’ Urkel, to iCarly’s Freddie Benson, and 30 Rocks’ Liz Lemon, nerds have rarely  been exempt from ridiculous