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Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown Sings, Jokes at Denver Comic Con

ELEVEN COMES TO DENVER The Bellco Theater was at capacity during Saturday’s Denver Comic Con panel starring Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown. Unsurprisingly, Brown is nothing like her character Eleven as portrayed in the Netflix thriller. Eleven is quiet, soft-spoken, and oblivious. On stage, Brown is charismatic, outspoken, and

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3 Artists You Can’t Miss on Denver Comic Con’s Last Day

Denver Comic Con 2017’s closing ceremonies are upon us, and today’s trip through Artist Valley and Merchant Mesa will be your last until next summer’s convention. DCC’s one-million-square-foot event space provided more room than ever for artists to share their talents with con-goers—and these are the

Kate Mulgrew Teases Red’s Fate: “Not Looking Positive”

DISCUSSES ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK‘S SEASON 5 FINALE At her Saturday panel at Denver Comic Con, Kate Mulgrew reminisced about filming Star Trek: Voyager‘s final episode, complimented her Orange is the New Black co-stars, and questioned if her character, Red, would survive the end

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What to Expect at Your First Denver Comic Con

  Denver’s 6th annual Comic Convention (Con for short) is happening this weekend at the Colorado Convention Center. With a record-breaking 150,000 expected attendees for the three-day event, there are bound to be some Denver Comic Con first-timers. Here’s what you can expect: Cosplayers. Everywhere.

Best local Colorado music fest

UMS BRINGS INTIMACY TO SOUTH BROADWAY The Underground Music Showcase—often shortened to UMS—is Denver’s premier alternative music festival going on 16 years of action. The UMS is renowned for featuring local Denver artists, and giving young and local bands a platform to share their music.

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Most cringe-worthy protests

PEACEFUL: THE CONSTITUTION SAID ‘PEACEFUL’ Since the start of election season, protesting and expression of free speech have been at the forefront of society’s minds, especially around Downtown Denver and Auraria Campus. Though there have been many peaceful and respectful protests, there have been an

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Game of Thrones concert: songs of ice and fire

WESTEROS COMES TO DENVER The voice of Cersei Lannister echoes across the filled-to-capacity Pepsi Center: “Silence your phones now, or you will be boiled in the blood of your children.” A full orchestra queues up the Game of Thrones theme song; the opening credits play

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Bork Bork Bork // Bones

This is Bones McCoy of the U.S.S. Enterprise, reporting from the inside of my kennel because I just had my balls ripped out of my body and I’m not allowed to leave the apartment. This has been the worst week of my short life. I

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CU Denver Tennis serves up fun

COED SPORT ENGAGES STUDENT ATHLETES Spring is in the air, and on the outskirts of Auraria Campus there is the Regency Athletic Center, where the CU Denver  Club Sport Tennis team works on their serves and hits in the sunny weather.    Senior Lena Nowaki,