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Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary: Open Farms and Snuggle Day

The Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary is a place where animals reign. It’s home to goats, llamas, pigs, and sheep that have been rescued from the oppressive and exploitative dairy and meat industry. Andrea Davis, the owner and founder of Broken Shovels, worked at a dairy

Photo Booth: Queer Lives Matter

CU Denver’s very own Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) held their annual Queer Lives Resource Fair and Drag Show on Nov. 2. This event served to provide helpful resources to all students of the Auraria Campus. With food and fun prizes available for raffle by checking in

Photo Booth: Boo at the Zoo

Last weekend, a multitude of costumed children and adults invaded the Denver Zoo in search of lions, tigers and candy. The air was chilly, and most kids were wearing winter jackets over their Spider-Man and Elsa costs, however, the cold did not deter them from

Photo Booth: Broadway Halloween Parade

The streets of Denver came alive on Oct. 21 as the annual Broadway Halloween Parade began and a variety of clowns, zombies, and witches marched down the block. Halloween music and spooky sounds echoed through the streets. The parade consisted of dancers, musicians, and gothic

Photo Booth: Dinos! After Dark

As the air starting to get crisp and cold and the need for hot cocoa increases, the Denver Zoo is successfully creating an out-of-this world vive. Dinos! After Dark is an awesome opportunity for the entire family to go out. There are fun things to

Photo Booth: Denver Zombie Crawl

WARNING: If Zombies and Spooky costumes scare you, I wouldn’t recommend scrolling down. Just looking out for ya!. – Admin Towards of the undead took over Skyline Park in downtown Denver on Oct. 7. Zombie Crawl has clearly maintained its popularity among Coloradans as it

Photo Booth: Art of Costuming

Just ahead of halloween, the Art of Costuming dressed up in the Tivoli Turnhalle with a wardrobe of professional cosplays, droids, and a slab of Han Solo-shaped carbonite. The Oct. 3 event featured a panel of costuming enthusiasts, some hardcore hobbyists, others full-time cosplayers, to

Photo Booth: Pugs in the Park

Every year, the Denver Pug Rescue hosts their annual fundraiser, Pugs in the Park. The event was lined with booths ranging from dog-themed pillows to a table where volunteers offered to clip the nails of even the most stubborn of pugs. At a booth adorned