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CBCG Influence Resides in Denver

DIRTY FENCES CHANNELS 1970S PUNK SCENE There will be nothing as gritty, rough, punk rock, and pure as CBGB circa 1977. But seeing Dirty Fences at the Moon Room on April 18 came pretty damn close to it. The band was supported by Denver’s hometown

FREE VERSE: Music Writing Matters, OK?

Much of my life revolves around music. As the Noise Editor at the Sentry and the host of a music radio show, it’s important that I spend my time immersed in music. I must admit, however, that I often second-guess this being my life’s work.

Adidas Track Suits and Hoop Earings

QUEENS OF HIP HOP 7 A RESPECTFUL COMPETITION The theme of the seventh annual Queens of Hip-Hop event was that of a palpable pride in precision. Two-piece silk Adidas track suits were paired methodically with matching caps and hoop earrings, and carefully constructed dance moves

Slay-Z by Azealia Banks (Self-Released)

Azealia Banks is a well-known figure, not for her music, but rather for her outspoken personality and controversial claims. In fact, a quick search of Banks on Google generates more about her Twitter rants and less about her music. Banks self-released her second mixtape, Slay-Z,

Are You Serious by Andrew Bird (Loma Vista)

It wasn’t until Andrew Bird’s 13th studio album that he was able to open himself up to make his most personal record yet. Are You Serious, released April 1, takes listeners on the journey that Bird experienced through getting married, having a child, and watching

Atomic by Mogwai (Rock Action)

Mogwai’s new album, Atomic, released April 1, doesn’t quite hold up with their classics like Young Team (1997) or Mr. Beast (2006), but it certainly isn’t a throw away. Instead of the songs all building into a mountain of heavy distorted guitar layers, Mogwai now

Guitar Night Eclectic Range of Sounds

CU PROFESSORS SHOWCASE TALENT There are few other places where a faculty Guitar Night would even be possible. “Every college in Colorado and all the surrounding states might have one part-time guitar teacher there. We have seven,” said Guitar Program Director Sean McGowan. “Guitar Night

Save Yourself by SBTRKT (Self-Released)

Elusive British producer SBTRKT quietly released a collection of tracks—not quite long enough to be an album, nor succinct enough to be considered an EP— titled Save Yourself late March. Collaborating heavily with rapper The-Dream, Save Yourself carries in it a buoyancy and hopefulness, tempered

Staff Picks 4/13: At the Beach

“Riders On the Storm” – The Doors I love “Riders on the Storm” because The Doors use sound effects that sound like rain throughout the song and the piano used matches up with the beat of the raindrops. The sounds reflect the feeling of melancholy

FREE VERSE: Forget “Whip It”

My earliest memory of Mark Mothersbaugh was from Devo’s music video for the popular song, “Whip It.” The eccentric video frightened and confused me even into my teens, and led me to dismiss Mothersbaugh, Devo’s frontman, as a wacky pop 1980s nut job without the