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Major ticket company scams buyers

THIRD PARTY SELLERS TEST FANS’ LIMITS The announcement for a tour goes up. Fans get on Ticketmaster hours before the tickets even go on sale, refreshing the page every few minutes, and when the concert goes on sale people surge to buy their tickets before

Run the Jewels boasts hypnotic poise

THE GASLAMP KILLER AND RTJ GET TURNT The Fillmore was a booming, full-house on Feb. 11. The show featured opener The Gaslamp Killer and main act, Run the Jewels on their national tour for their new album, Run the Jewels 3. Comprising of the rap

Radiohead meets classical musical twist

AUDIENCES IN AWE DURING PERFORMANCE King Center hosts an array of Auraria Campus shows and Feb. 16 marked a new experience for classical enthusiasts. Evan Shelton and his fellow string players created a velvety dark atmosphere based around the likes of Radiohead and classical music,

Single Review // Conor Oberst

Napalm (Nonesuch Records) Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst is releasing his new album Salutations on Mar. 17 and has dropped his single from the album entitled “Napalm.” The track starts off with lively drum beats and a tireless organ, which is a strange but welcomed addition

CD Review // Rag n’ Bone Man

Human Columbia Records Rory Graham, an up-and-coming blues and soul singer—performing under the pseudonym Rag‘N’Bone Man—has grabbed the attention of European audiences. His latest studio album, Human, is no exception. As of this February, it has become the best-selling male debut in a decade. His

CD Review // Andrew McMahon

Zombies on Broadway Vanguard Records With Denver temperatures reaching beyond 60 degrees recently, it’s  easy to start thinking about summer. Every person needs the perfect soundtrack to complement their warm weather adventures. This unseasonable-summer soundtrack can be found in Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness’ latest

CD Review // Future

Future Freebandz/Epic Records Under the alluding poetic pseudonym Future, Nayvadius Cash has dropped his full-length, self-titled LP Future on Feb. 17. On Future, Cash meticulously rolls his tracks into a ganja package that plays just as smooth as it smolders. The 17-track record is chock-full

Noise FM // William Card

The feelings that surface when spearheading a project are often waffle-y. Not waffled like the breakfast delicacy, but like tracking your own emotions. They can change day-to-day, and sometimes second to second. It can be as minute as deciding either to cry before Adele’s “Someone

Sentry Exclusive // Colorado-based rap-duo, The Reminders

Colorado-based rap-duo, The Reminders have long been heavy-weight participants in the local hip-hop scene and beyond. They consistently diffuse a societal message of inclusivity, community-building and purpose into their performance, and have found new ways to engage with audiences from very different walks of life.

CU Denver a cappella in spotlight

LARK FINDS SUCCESS AT EVERY TURN CU Denver is no stranger to locally known talent. Yet, with groups like Lark, they bring the university into the national spotlight. The nine-member, all female-identifying a cappella group at CU Denver has been together and rocking it for