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NOISE F.M: William Card

Just as I mentioned last week, my life teeters on the fine line between perfection and absolute dumpster fire. I can safely say that these last couple days have felt like a verified, coarse, Bob Dylan sounding, smoldering dumpster fire. Though, is it justified to

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Music That Can Ignite the Conversation About Hair

 ARTISTS CHALLENGE PREJUDICE As people of color continue to face disparities and prejudices within our society, artists like Solange Knowles are standing up in efforts of fighting cultural discrimination. If there’s one source of influence over people, it’s through the power of music, and Solange

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After 10 Years, Duo Still Steals The Show

PHANTOGRAM AT THE FILLMORE It has been nearly five years since the hit track “When I’m Small” hit the indie music charts, but it seems like New York synth-pop duo, Phantogram has been thriving since their mainstream debut. Phantogram had a nearly packed venue to


We’re All Gonna Die (Republic Records) DJ Mustard’s latest album, Cold Summer, is his second album following 10 Summers. Like most popular DJs in the music industry today, his album is dressed with some of hip-hop’s biggest stars like Ty Dolla $ign, YG, Nicki Minaj,

CD REVIEW: Green Day

Revolution Radio (Reprise Records) The best artists are the ones that change with every iteration. John Coltrane went from bebop enthusiast to an avant-garde spiritual squealer, Bob Dylan started by imitating Woody Gutherie and turned into a pill-fueled mercury poet. David Bowie initially wrote children’s

CD REVIEW: Connor Oberst

Ruminations (SaddleCreek Records) For many, the music of Conor Oberst is like swimming in a pool of youthful angst, depression, and a dash of self-hatred, but he is loved all the more for it. Oberst recently released his seventh studio album Ruminations on Oct. 14

CD REVIEW: One Republic

Oh My My (Interscope Records) Originally from Colorado Springs, OneRepublic has made their way all over the globe. Nearly a decade after the chart-topping hit “Apologize,” the band released their fourth album Oh My My, a title wildly appropriate seeing as that is what listeners


The Altar (IAMSOUND) Jillian Rose Banks, under the  pseudonym, Banks, released her sophomore album, The Altar  on Sept. 30. The Altar is edgier and more hardcore than her first album, diving deeper both lyrically and instrumentally. Banks, who originates from Orange County, notes musical influences from


22, A Million (Jagjaguwar) Justin Vernon’s soulful voice and mountainous aesthetic first struck America back in 2007 with  the release of For Emma, Forever Ago with the heartbreaking song “Skinny Love.” Bon Iver later appeared on Kanye West’s album My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy  in the


Head Carrier ([PIAS] & Pixiesmusic) For many Pixies fans, it is hard to embrace the group’s newest work without Kim Deal (replaced by Paz Lenchantin). Not to fret, their newest album Head Carrier, released on Sept. 30, offers a lot more than their comeback album Indie