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Save Yourself by SBTRKT (Self-Released)

Elusive British producer SBTRKT quietly released a collection of tracks—not quite long enough to be an album, nor succinct enough to be considered an EP— titled Save Yourself late March. Collaborating heavily with rapper The-Dream, Save Yourself carries in it a buoyancy and hopefulness, tempered

Staff Picks 4/13: At the Beach

“Riders On the Storm” – The Doors I love “Riders on the Storm” because The Doors use sound effects that sound like rain throughout the song and the piano used matches up with the beat of the raindrops. The sounds reflect the feeling of melancholy

FREE VERSE: Forget “Whip It”

My earliest memory of Mark Mothersbaugh was from Devo’s music video for the popular song, “Whip It.” The eccentric video frightened and confused me even into my teens, and led me to dismiss Mothersbaugh, Devo’s frontman, as a wacky pop 1980s nut job without the

Junk by M83 (Mute)

M83’s new album Junk, released April 8, sounds like it was brought here on Marty Mcfly’s DeLorean straight from 1985. It’s hard to listen to it without imagining a row of high schoolers donning shoulder pads and Flock of Seagulls haircuts heading to senior prom.

Lost Time by Tacocat (Hardly Art)

Packed with a mix of angst and pop vocals, Tacocat, a female-fronted band from Seattle, released their third album, Lost Time, on April 1. The album is filled to the brim with West Coast surf grunge-inspired jams that are moody and strong in sound. As

Amen and Goodbye by Yeasayer (Mute)

Yeasayer may have released their new album, Amen And Goodbye, on April Fools’ Day, but their fourth studio album is no joke. The quirky band upped its game by creating a spunky-yet-melodious soundtrack. Amen And Goodbye could be described as an indie album, but Yeasayer

Everyone Has to Start Somewhere

PALO SANTO ON BAND BEGINNINGS AND SHOW REJECTIONS Observing a group of people setting out to create their own music before anyone really knows who they are is a unique experience. It is hard to introduce a band when they haven’t released any music, conjured a

Up to Anything by The Goon Sax (Chapter Music)

The trio of Brisbane teenagers who perform as The Goon Sax released their debut album, Up To Anything, on March 11. Signed on the basis of an unsolicited demo, the group has created a sound integrating indie pop with lyrical storytelling. It is tempting to

Staff Picks 4/6: Ladies, Don’t Prepetuate the Patriarchy

“Wishin’ and Hopin’” – Dusty Springfield In a perfect act of irony, feminist musician Ani Difranco covered this track because lyrics like, “Wear your hair just for him. ‘Cause you won’t get him wishin’ and hopin’” are just laughable in their acceptance of sexist ideas.

Welcome the Worms by Bleached (Dead Oceans)

There’s not much more punk-rock than two neon-haired, LA-based sisters singing Damned covers in Black Flag T-shirts and scuffed boots. With their sophomore album, Welcome The Worms, released April 1, Bleached continues this outrageously rock’n’roll trend, only this time they showcase more tightened production and