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Twist & Shout Record Store Remains Relevant

RECORDS RESURRECTED FROM THE PAST Records aren’t just for your grandmother’s record player anymore. The current generation leads the explosion of record sales. According to the Recording Industry Association of America “vinyl record sales are up 32 percent, to $416 million, their highest level since


Big Mess (Atlantic Records) The energized indie rock band GROUPLOVE has resurfaced on the alternative-rock platform with the recent release of their third album, Big Mess, on Sept. 9. The album’s compilation of softer-sounding indie songs with pop vocal flairs falls stagnant as each song


Wilco’s 10th studio album, entitled Shmilco, was an unexpected release on Sept. 9. Humorously enough, after 20 years of making music, the musicians have not abandoned their soothing and melancholy habits. Jeff Tweedy, the lead singer of the group, described the album as “joyously negative”

CD REVIEW: Bastille

Wild World (Virgin Records) Bastille has dropped an album for the first time in three years, and—to no fan’s surprise—each song sounds exactly the same. Wild World, which debuted on Sept. 9, sounds no different than their 2013 album All This Bad Blood. Bastille has


AIM (Interscope Records) Activist musician M.I.A. continues to use her music as an outlet to express her strong political views in her new album AIM. Released Sept. 9, AIM consists of 17 songs, all touching on the topics that currently plague the country: infringement on

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William Card: NOISE F.M.

It was the summer of 2009 and I was on my way to show choir camp. In the heart of the urban and sprawling mecca that is Illinois, lay the city of Decatur. The scent of the air was a startling and confounding nexus of

Fantasia Fest Reclaims Vintage Artistic Spirit

DIY SPACE HOSTS THREEDAY FEST Fantasia, an art and music event held at local DIY space Rhinoceropolis in the RiNo art district, adrenalized and inspired audiences last weekend. Beginning in 2012, Fantasia has become one of Rhinoceropolis’ biggest events. The event space is split into

YaSi on Stranded Feelings; Vulnerability

IDENTITY, CONFUSION, AND CULTURE Heartbreak is one of the most confusing and aggravating emotions to cope with. The journeys of many take them to the fringes of vulnerability and comfort. Musicians, for example, showcase their experiences by somberly crafting tracks that stitch together their own

CD REVIEW: Ingrid Michaelson

It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense (Cabin 24) Ingrid Michaelson’s latest album, It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense, released on Aug. 26, brings a brand new edge to the artist’s music. Michaelson appears to have moved away from the signature uke and piano tunes that’s

CD REVIEW: Glass Animals

How To Be A Human Being (Caroline Records) Returning to the music scene after two years since the release of their first album Zaba, Glass Animals has launched its sophomore album How To Be A Human Being that seeks to tell a new story in