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William Card: Noise.FM

I drive a sandy-colored 2002 Toyota Camry. Among repping an uncharacteristic V6 engine, a Dolby surround sound system, and some dope bumper stickers, my car, “Cammy,” was recently the unfortunate victim of a parking lot hit and run. Much to the chagrin of LOLO’s 2014

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William Card: NOISE.FM

I grew up in a town of less than 2,500 people year round. I’ve seen family-owned grocery stores, husband-and-wife pharmacies, a combined video rental and twin screen movie theater, and local eateries with foods as diverse as the places their owners came from. In 2006,

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William Card: NOISE.FM

There’s something attractive about life’s most rugged struggles. They can seem aesthetically pleasing. However, I’ve found my experiences with rugged moments lead to the realization that my life isn’t the climax of a Disney Channel movie. I spent the summer in NYC, and  found myself

FREE VERSE: Music Writing Matters, OK?

Much of my life revolves around music. As the Noise Editor at the Sentry and the host of a music radio show, it’s important that I spend my time immersed in music. I must admit, however, that I often second-guess this being my life’s work.

FREE VERSE: Forget “Whip It”

My earliest memory of Mark Mothersbaugh was from Devo’s music video for the popular song, “Whip It.” The eccentric video frightened and confused me even into my teens, and led me to dismiss Mothersbaugh, Devo’s frontman, as a wacky pop 1980s nut job without the

FREE VERSE: Ol’ Country Patriarchy

I’ve been going back to my roots a little lately, listening to the boss ass country bitches that I grew up on. And while recounting the incredible talent of Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, and Dolly Parton is wonderful, this revisitation of their music has me

FREE VERSE: Spring Break Forever, Baby

Welcome back from Spring Break all you party animals. I hope your week was spent with your laptops closed and something like The Shangri-Las coming through the speakers of whatever beachside bar you found yourself. For me, the music was girl group Habibi and the

FREE VERSE: Me—The Ageist Ass

Just lately, a number of some of my favorite musicians have come out with new albums, decades after their first years of successes. For example, both Violent Femmes and Loretta Lynn released albums this month, and both have me wondering: Does creativity just generally deteriorate

FREE VERSE: Whale Sounds It Is

Once again, in my last year of college, I find myself at midterms asking, “How does this work, again?” It’s hard, and I hate it, but in the end, it’s the life I chose and I’m learning not to further punish myself for feeling the

FREE VERSE: Kate Bush Worked It

It’s mighty difficult to find a positive female role-model that passes my standards. Those standards don’t necessarily include shameless exposure of miles of cleavage, and they rarely entail any affiliation with the White House. One woman who does strike me as someone worth looking up