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Vinyl records are back in the groove

A return to analog listening In the fast-paced world society was accustomed to, many people did not have the time to stop and disconnect from life in order to enjoy a full-length album from start to finish while doing nothing else.  However, with most of

A photo equals 1000 words

The importance of concert photography Humans are a visual species and the need for visual stimulation has bloomed with the advancement of technology.  One aspect of the visual playground that is often taken for granted is the art of concert photography. A person in attendance

Gentrification and hip hop in Denver

Though he’s been a musician for 17 years, Hooman Abbasi doesn’t look 32 years old. Tall and gangly with rosy cheeks and dressed in a loose shirt with the sleeves rolled back, he looks like a college intern for Pitchfork or some other music blog.

The politics of the music industry

Commercial music consumption is at the highest it has ever been. With streaming services such as Apple Music, YouTube Red, Spotify, and previously free websites such as SoundCloud making the move towards monetizing its services, music is becoming more accessible, albeit controlled. This isn’t to

Most overplayed song

NOBODY WANTS CAKE BY THE OCEAN Late last summer, DNCE released their debut single “Cake By The Ocean,” which reached the top 10 charts in the US in almost no time. And while it may have been a worldwide hit, the song itself remained lackluster.

Uzi Vert’s bizzard weirdness speaks truth

Weird songs can be weird. Aside from the obvious, they allow the listener to explore odd topics and sonically irregular compositions and often find something  that comes as a fantastic surprise. Odd and obscure songs allow listeners to get the inside scoop into topics and

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Is More Life an Album or Playlist?

#Album // Jun Lee In this modern day and age, society needs to attach labels on numerous things to understand them. Music is no exception: Despite the comprehensive and blend of genres and styles, music has constantly evolved as a subjective field. In a world

The real history of skinheads

A LOST IDEA OF UNITY Today, “skinhead” has become something of a dirty word. It is inevitably associated with racism, nazism, and white supremacism; but what the majority of people don’t know is that “real” skinheads were not connected to racism or prejudice. The skinhead

Should bands continue without key members?

#ADAM NOBERT // Taylor Kirby Freddie Mercury has been dead for 26 years, but Queen rocks on. With Adam Lambert taking the lead mic, Queen has launched its 2017 world tour and will play a packed Pepsi Center on July 6—despite the fact that Queen

Red Bull Sound Select gets hip and down

Rap and hip-hop at the summit music hall On Feb. 17, Red Bull Sound Select (RBSS) hosted three captivating rap and hip-hop acts at Denver’s Summit Music Hall. This year’s RBSS was well attended, overrun with music fans in street wear to see local act