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CAM Records Signs Avenhart

CAM Records, a music business class at MEIS, has announced CU Denver group Avenhart as their musical artist for the school year. Each year the class, taught by MEIS professor Andy Guerrero, picks a local band to help promote for a record release essentially doing

Modern Takes On Classic Tunes

Now that Thanksgiving has officially ended, it is time for mainstream America to fully embrace the Christmas spirit.   Classic covers of holiday tunes adds a sense of overwhelming joy to every car’s playlist. The Sentry wanted to take a deep dive to find the

Thrift Shopper Raps About Real Life

The opening scene of Macklemore’s latest track, “Drug Dealer,” is raw, gritty, and in the emotional darkness that surrounds drug addiction. The video kicks off with Macklemore sitting naked on the shower floor, with the water from the shower head providing a security blanket to

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Expansive Improvisations With A Hook

CU PROFESSOR STARTS HIGHLY STYLISHED TRIO Jazz and other improvisational forms of music can be an incredibly divisive subject for music listeners. For some, long drawn-out solos and ample instrumental jamming can take them on an intense musical journey that changes with every concert. For

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#YouGoodMan: Rapper Provokes Mental Health Talk

KID CUDI ENTERS REHAB It was in early October that rapper Scott Mescudi, better known as Kid Cudi, publicly announced on Facebook that he made the decision to admit himself to rehab due to mental health problems. He said he has been primarily struggling with

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Margit’s Stylish Takeover

CU Denver student Britt Margit has accelerated her career in the last few years. Fresh off the first major showcase at Goordin Bros in quite a while, the Sentry had the opportunity to catch up with multi-talented CU Denver singer and songwriter about her trajectory,

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Jackson Conducts Classic Country Throwdown

All devoted country fans know who Alan Jackson is, and some young bucks may ask why that is. Alan Jackson debuted back in 1987 and is still continues to tour and draw large crowds at age 57. On Oct. 1, Jackson marshaled a diversified crowd

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Lynxapalooza 2016 Brings PHOX, Avenhart

LIVE MUSIC BROUGHT CU DENVER TOGETHER      Lynxapalooza took place in the newly renovated Tivoli Quad and was free for all CU Denver students and open to the public for a small entrance fee.  CU Denver band Avenhart opened for national headliners PHOX. CU

Twist & Shout Record Store Remains Relevant

RECORDS RESURRECTED FROM THE PAST Records aren’t just for your grandmother’s record player anymore. The current generation leads the explosion of record sales. According to the Recording Industry Association of America “vinyl record sales are up 32 percent, to $416 million, their highest level since

YaSi on Stranded Feelings; Vulnerability

IDENTITY, CONFUSION, AND CULTURE Heartbreak is one of the most confusing and aggravating emotions to cope with. The journeys of many take them to the fringes of vulnerability and comfort. Musicians, for example, showcase their experiences by somberly crafting tracks that stitch together their own