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Prepare to meet new local virtuosos 

In House Collective is bringing the spotlight to local creatives To say that Denver is a hub for creatives is an understatement. One can walk around Downtown and see fliers for underground shows and art exhibits plastered on nearly every electrical box or streetlamp. Drive east down Colfax and someone is bound to

Music industry relief resources during COVID-19

The show must go on The live music of the world has gone quiet. With the music industry facing to lose billions of dollars, it’s a fearfully unstable time for people of the industry, whether they’re in performing, booking, managing, or any other facet of putting

The show can’t go on

How COVID-19 affects the music industry Nothing really unites the world like music. Whether someone wants to call it a universal language, or a sonic enigma capable of changing someone’s emotional experience in a million different ways, it has a gravity like none other to

Why doesn’t NPR get a bigger desk?

NPR’s tiny ass desk has crossed the line An open letter to the National Public Radio:  The behavior of NPR is unacceptable. All there is to say is why. Why must NPR subject musicians of all shapes and sizes into a such a confined space? It’s not funny—it’s borderline

Coronavirus is no match for Keith Richards

Keith Richards survives coronavirus infection. Keith Richards was released from the hospital earlier today after a shockingly short stay for a severe case of COVID-19. “I don’t understand,” a nurse who had collected his vitals explained, “I’ve never seen anyone his age recover so quickly… or any

Sentry advice: SoundCloud rapper crashes Trevor’s party

How to handle unsightly  guests On the late evening of March 6, at the student housing residence of Trevor McDaniels, a group of CU Denver students experienced a tragedy all too common for students across the—actually it may have been the very early morning of March 7.

Student spotlight: Dream Pool

        Student band cultivates dreamy sounds With a soothing mix of guitar, drums, bass, and vocals, the band Dream Pool seems to emerge straight from a dream. The band is made up of three artists currently attending CU Denver, featuring Luna Nuñez,

Quadio: the collegiate Spotify

New music sharing platform for students According to Spotify’s FAQ information, there are over 20,000 tracks per day being released on their platform. Considering their millions of subscribed artists across the world, that may not be that surprising. But as part of their “Artist Wrapped”

Behind the making of the Grammys

How the winners are decided The 62nd annual Grammys award show has left the music industry buzzing with excitement. Not only did Billie Eilish break a record by being the youngest person to win the ‘Big Four’ awards (Song, Record, Album, and New Artist), but

Artists hitting the road in the new year

2020 tours to look forward to With a new year comes new music, and thus, new tours. Artists big and small are hitting the roads this upcoming concert season, and some are even braving the cold Colorado elements this spring, to bring shows to a