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Pull out the weights with these hits

Best songs to work out to When hitting the gym, it can be hard to go without headphones. Working out to music blocks out all the distractions in order to maintain focus when grinding out the pain with every lift of those 10lb dumbbells. Most

Student spotlight: Sunny Sideways

Student band takes sunny to a whole new level Not many bands exist that have a name that seems to encompass and fit both them and their vibe so wholly—Sunny Sideways is one of the few. Radiating a groovy sort of sunshine, the band consists of

Film and album review: K-12

Melanie Martinez cloaks dark realities with bubblegum gloss On Sept. 6, after a four year hiatus, Melanie Martinez released her sophomore album titled K-12 with an accompanied film of the same name. Expanding the world of Martinez’s persona, Crybaby, the album expands the world of

Student spotlight: Generation Nomad

CU Denver students make up alt-rock group The band Generation Nomad consists of four students completely submerged in music. Lizzy Kistler who sings vocals, Luke Sletten the lead guitarist, Gizelle Cisneros who plays bass and sings background vocals, and Josh Tibbets who plays the drums.

Changing the face of a cappella

Lark delivers a dark twist to the genre Lark, an all-female-identifying a cappella ensemble here at CU Denver, consists of Isabelle Amato, Camelia Ceniceros, Cleo Daniels, Janae Hansen, Sage Shriver-Blough, and Abigail Orsborne. Lark began as a concoction brewed by Director Dr. Erin Hackel to

Spotify says no to royalties

Spotify rejects royalty terms Spotify, along with other large companies such as Google and Amazon, has recently come into controversy as the company announced its intention to appeal a songwriter royalty-rate increase. The whole debacle began in January of 2018 when the US Copyright Royalty

Owen Wilson | Wow | Album Review

Wow Records Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Owen Wilson’s musical debut Wow, released on April 1, is a force to be reckoned with in contemporary music. Wilson’s experimental album that features only lyrical melodies and no actual instrumentation proves Wilson’s ability to stand among

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Avril Lavigne clones multiply

Avril Lavigne multiplies with mitosis A large group of about 300 clones of famed early-2000’s singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne have reportedly overtaken the town of Oakdale, Tennessee. Residents are still unclear as to the motives of the clones, and officials are calling the situation “Complicated.”  The situation

Student Spotlight: Bayleen Baluga

Whale student brings diversity to student music scene CU Denver is a place where students never ever let their dreams get harpooned. Bayleen Beluga, sophomore, is no exception. Having transferred from the University of Melville (UM) last migratory season, Beluga experiences a unique set of

Free the G: An investigative report

Kenny G still stuck in Kanye’s twisted fantasy What began as a Valentine’s Day gesture may have become the crime of the century. Kanye West’s Valentine’s Day gift to Kim Kardashian included a room full of bud vases with single roses surrounding legendary jazz musician